New Shipping Containers For Sale in Newcastle

Are you looking for new shipping containers in Newcastle? If you are, we have an extensive range of near new shipping containers for sale straight from China that will be within your price range. A new shipping container is not as expensive as you might think. We have an extensive range of new shipping containers and we encourage you to invest with confidence. If you are thinking of buying new shipping containers in Newcastle, we can give you a great price for purchases of 3 with a small delivery charge.

When your shipping container is looked after well, a newly purchased shipping container in Newcastle can hold its sale value for years to come. You will not only get years of use out of it, you will be an asset that is valuable when it’s time to upgrade.

The near new shipping containers come in various sizes and colours. Generally 20 foot containers are most common. We sell the standard General purpose or (GP) container and the 9 foot, 6 inches high, High cube (HC). Alternatively, we have second hand containers from a network of stockers including shipping lines and distributors. The second-hand containers are tested, inspected and ensured to be wind and water tight. We always sell our containers with a 6 point safety and quality looking at every container for the condition so that it can be used for a variety of applications.

Shipping containers in Newcastle withstand the worst of conditions being exposed to the wear and tear of months at sea. It’s a very hard life for shipping containers as they are moved from one port to another port, one ship to another ship, loaded, unloaded, stacked, unstacked. If you are now considering purchasing a shipping container in Newcastle remember that they are durable, scalable nature and are used in residential, industrial and commercial applications like for storage in removalists depots, portable workshops or site offices. They are readily becoming popular as outer shells for small homes, and a lot more. They are also used as long term storage solutions at your residence.

If you would like some help and advice in the purchase of your first container for special project or one of the above please contact us.